Fun, Fearless Female : a Cosmo girl’s appeal for classiness

Every month without fail since I was sixteen I’ve read My Cosmo. Since my parents wouldn’t buy me my own copy I perused it gleefully at our Library. It was the mixture of sex, wit and the fun-ness of it that drew me in and taught me a few things. Things that a sixteen year old probably shouldn’t be aware of yet! :D. It was like a big sister I never had. She was worldly, fashionable , funny , sexy and with a wanton sexuality that was not salacious or tacky. She became my best friend. She taught me about boys : how to flirt with them , how to keep them , how to make them treat you right and more importantly ; that you are okay without one! This sat very well with me , especially because when you are at that age , it is very easy and tempting to follow the crowd because you so desperately want to fit in and be liked by your peers. But I was not too keen on the teenage boys. So Cosmo taught me that it was okay to be single at an age when you are very malleable and most susceptible to peer pressure.
She taught me about being beautiful. On the inside as well as the outside. She taught me how to be strong , have my own opinions, she taught me about how to take care of my body , my spirit and intellect.
Like most girls since 1965 Cosmo taught me about sex. Boy did I learn! How to get it , how to get good at it and how to enjoy it without shame or guilt. From blow jobs to ( all kinds) of sex positions, I learned it all from My Cosmo . ūüėČ
It was a huge ,rewarding influence in my life. It still is. I’m in my early thirties now and I am still an avid reader. And with the wonder that is the internet , I’m able to read as many editions as I want from around the world.

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Maybe I’m getting old here but articles like ” I gave my boyfriend while eating a donut” leave me cold. Articles like “10 things he’s thinking while giving you oral” sound and read like something that was written by a 12 year old boy. In fact the language and style of writing has slipped , in my opinion, to a toilet humour vibe that I just can’t abide by. It’s the salacious nature of it that is just in poor taste.
Maybe that’s how the younger readers are speaking these days and Cosmo is trying to appeal to them here by “speaking” to them in their language. I don’t know ,but, they are selling themselves and those of us who grew up with the magazine short. Doesn’t the magazine have a standard that they hold themselves by? I want to shake them awake and say “Grow up!” this is NOT what we want to read about.
I want my Cosmo back. I want to read about fashion, beauty ,style and all that.
And yes I want to read about sex , all kinds of sex , and I don’t want to feel dirty or grossed out by what I’ve ¬†just read.
Cosmo girls are funny, fun, sexy ,opinionated. And they do it with class.
I guess what I’m saying here is get back to being classy , Cosmo. You have a great influence on young women and how they see and handle themselves and deal with the world around them.