This delightful gem of a book by Lars Saabye Christensen got me out of my reading funk. I’m a ferocious reader. Just one book after another . But recently I could not read.I picked up this book after trying to read anything for about a month and immediately went to that place that you go to when you open a book and lose yourself in that world.

Herman is an eleven year old boy who starts losing his hair. He’s  just at the cusp of puberty ; when he starts noticing girls , and he’s trying to fit in and he’s starting to see his parents as the real hapless humans that they are. He navigates this with a lancotic sense of humour

Whether it’s his dying grandfather or his horrible teachers at school or the local drunk or the aging beautiful lady or his precious redheaded Ruby. He learns about life , love and pain. He learns he must accept what is happening to him in order for him to grow up.

It’s a beautifully crafted coming of age story with a difference. I promise you won’t forget this boy. And, that’s final. 


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