Forgive me, I’m human 

Learning to forgive is one of life’s greatest lessons. There’s something so wonderfully freeing about letting go of the resentment and anger that had allowed you to hold onto whatever  betrayal was done to you.


“I do not have to forgive any of my enemies, I’ve had them all shot”- Ramon Maria Narvaez

Forgiving means letting go of the past,knowing that you can never go back. You can’t go back to the BEFORE. Whatever feelings that may have held you there have now been irrevocably changed .

BEFORE : you  could laugh with that person until it hurt . You shared with them everything with wild abandon and thought nothing of it because it was inconceivable that they might betray you.


That person has now taught you a bitter lesson about themselves. You can never trust them ever again. You feel foolish and abandoned. The Four Horsemen of the Appocolypse of Betrayal : anger,bitterness, resentment and humiliation have bivouacked in your heart. But worst of all is that there is now a hardening of your soul. You have been robbed . Robbed ! Bamboozled! That cunt had the audacity to call themselves your friend. You seeth with self righteous anger and contempt . You bellow to anyone who will listen that you were their friend! How.Could. They?!! And most of all : WHY?!!



“We were never meant to be perfect, we were meant to be whole” -Jane Fonda

In a perfect world ,one would never have to learn to mistrust a friend, a relative , a teacher ,a parent or lover. But you must remember that you learn the greatest lessons from those around you . Those you allow into your heart will always teach you something . Unfortunately one of those lessons is that they are pretty fucked up.

When you forgive someone you acknowledge that you too are capable of betrayal.When you recognise this ,you acknowledge their humanity. And yours .Nobody is perfect . When someone asks for forgiveness , they are not asking you to forget but ask for your compassion and humility .

Remember you are pretty fucked up too. You might need someone to show you a little compassion too. That should always keep you humble.