Of all things that can be said about being different, that’s it’s not easy is the truest.

Let me tell you about being the “ODD ONE”. Sometimes I feel like the pea in “The Princess and the Pod” just waiting to be felt and having someone realize that I’m there . I never seem to fit in anywhere. But I like that I would rather be reading. I like that I love 80’s music . I like that I’m hard-headed and question everything .  I would rather watch TCM than the latest blockbuster . I absolutely refuse to read/watch Twilight , 50 Shades . I love subtitles. I love reading and following instructions.

This makes people look at me differently . Why are you so odd? Why don’t you like what we like? Why are you so difficult?

I just am. I’ve always been different . I is what I am.  Getting to know yourself and liking what you find and see is about acceptance : you are what you are because you don’t know any other way to be. You try to fit in and be like everyone else but if the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it . Accept who you are , it will save you a lot of heartache and tears and many sleepless nights , nights spend lying awake wondering what is wrong with you .

I am 31 years old , I am now set in my ways ,as it were. I like myself , I like all my eccentric ways and oddities. So, what I’m saying here is that : accept yourself , improve what you can but don’t change for anyone or anything.  Life too short! Make it interesting.

Later 🙂


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