A Year To Remember

Is it too soon to say that 2013 is going to be a year to remember?
So much has happened already and it’s ONLY March!
*The Pope retiring
*Oscar Pistorius’ tragic drama
*Astroids (or was it a mediorite?) in Russia – it was a large rock from space okay?!
*An apparent HIV cure (WHAT!!)
*Sinkholes !
* Nine-year old nominated for an Oscar
*Lance Armstrong (’nuff said about that liar!)
Oh I’m sure it’s only going to get better (worse?). And to think I didn’t even want to be here when this year began!
I’m 31 this year and it’s such a boring number like turning 3 (who cares?!). I always think things only happen in(to?) even numbers but I’m guessing I’m wrong. No , no more half – assing here ; I’m looking forward to this year ! I’m going to enjoy it and document and look back and say “Yep, what a year!”



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