The Wind Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami

If you are like your stories weird , may i please recommend to you this wonderfully weird tome.
It is at once a detective novel , a look at a disintergrating marriage , a study of a man who is having a existentialist crisis and secrets of WW2.

Toru Okada is searching for his wife’s cat in a Tokyo suburb. In his search he meets a psychic prostitute, a sixteen year girl (who gives him the name Mr. Wind up Bird), an evil yet mediagenic politition and an aging WW2 veteran who witnessed some hedious acts in Japan’s abortive and forgotten campaign in Munchuria.
All this seems random and unconnected but as you read on you see how the whole story comes together through Murakami’s great and heroic imagination.
It’s about a man trying to find answers about himself.
It’s funny,gripping and menacing. It’s beautiful and avant garde.
As you can see EXISTENTIALISM is a running theme in this here blog , that’s why this book resonates so deeply with me (hopefully i won’t have to sit in a dark well to find answers!)
Read it.


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