so what gives you pleasure?

For me it’s books, food , movies and magazines .All life’s pleasures ,really. So on this blog i will take you to great places ,we’ll go on great adventures, eat ,laugh and cry! I promise i have great taste! I won’t force you to like it but it IS in your interest to like it ūüėČ !

I’ll start with my greatest favouri-test pleasure: BOOKS!!!

I cannot even begin to talk about my love for reading! Well actually I can,so here we go! My love affair began when I was eleven . I was a shy,bullied child . My step-dad (also known as the bestest man who ever lived) took me to the library and signed me up . I was immediately  and insanely in love . I could go on a thousand adventures with Shiharazad , go through the wardrobe to narnia  and live in that wonderfully inane world of Dr. Sues!

Later I went on dates with those lovely Pine Valley twins and got entangled in their love lives (good times) . Stephen King, John Irving , Gabriel Garcia Marquez on and on and on i can go! Okay ,uhm , i’m starting to feel self conscious since this is my first post and all . so I’ll just give you five of my greatest ¬†so you can stop looking at me!

1-One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

2) The World According to Garp – John Irving

3)Aunt Julia and The Scriptwriter – Mario Vargos Llosa

4)The Blind Assassin- Magaret Atwood

5) Birdsong – Sebastian Faulks

Hmmm maybe I should have said favourite authors?  Anyway I love these books .Read them   , love them like i do .

xoxo ( i’ll find a better way to say ‘later’)


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